About Us
I am a Singaporean mom living in South Korea with my husband who is Korean and my 2 kids of half Korean heritage. The name The Korean Baby originally refers to my 2 kids and this little Korean website which is like a baby to me. Alternatively it can also refer to you or your little baby who is of Korean heritage.

My business history goes back to 2007 when I was selling on yahoo SG and ebay. I sold mainly Korean products like stainless steel chopsticks and Korean baby carriers. Later in 2008, I started our blog http://thekoreanbaby.blogspot.com talking mainly about Korean baby carriers (podaegi and chunei) and helped people to order if they liked any of the products. The blog later grew and more items were added. We finally set up our very own website www.thekoreanbaby.com on 16th August 2009 and today, The Korean Baby is the store that ships Korea right to your doorstep, no matter where you are.

In the midst of our business, we have come to know so many friends ~ adoptive parents of Korean babies, Korean families living abroad or even fans of Korean culture. We appreciate every single friendship built and we will continue to run this business with enthusiasm and diligence.

To us, business is not only about making money but also making every single customer happy.

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