Q: Who is the baby in the front page?
A: He is my son, Jadon. That picture was taken when he was 100 days old.

Q: Do you combine shipping?
A: Yes we do. However, every item has a shipping weight and the shipping fee you see for each item is based on that weight. International shipping is calculated based on final weight (after packaging). The heavier the package, the higher the fee. If an item weighs 900gms and costs $15 to ship, 2pcs will weigh 1800gms and will fall into the 2 kilos category which will cost $30 to ship. In this case, even though we are combining, the shipping fee is still $30.

Q: The DVDs cannot be played.
A: Most of the DVDs are coded region 3 (Asian players or region free players. Please check your player before purchasing.

Q: Can I pay by bank transfer?
A: Yes! If you can't pay by paypal for some reasons, just let us know and we will be glad to provide you with our bank details for TT payment (worldwide).

Q: Do you ship within Korea?
A: If you are residing in Korea and would like to purchase from our store, we will ship to your home without any extra charges. Just drop us an email!

Q: Are all items from Korea?
A: All items are purchased in Korea but sometimes Korean companies have their production outside Korea.

Q: Are all items new?
A: All items are new from the manufacturer.

Q: Are all character items genuine?
A: All Hello Kitty, Dibo, Pororo, Tayo and Thomas items are produced under the Korean licensee. Therefore, all products come with the hologram for proof of authenticity.

Q: Can you find something for me even if it's not related to baby?
A: Yes we will be glad to help shop on your behalf. Please refer to Custom orders on how to proceed.

Q: Will you ship to my country?
A: We ship worldwide. We mostly ship to the US, Canada, Europe, Australia but have also shipped to further countries like Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, Israel, Finland, Mauritius, Netherlands, Switzerland, Latvia, Spain, etc.

Q: I see a "free shipping" for some items, does it mean free shipping to my country too?
A: Yes when we say free shipping, it means free shipping worldwide.

Q: How long does it take to reach me?
A: Please refer to the shipping weight chart for estimated transit time. However, it is also dependant on customs. From our experience, countries like Germany and Indonesia do hold up packages for a while.

Q: It's been weeks but I still have not received my order.
A: Other than EMS or registered mail, regular airmail takes about 10 to 14 working days on the average. Sometimes it may take up to a month, depending on customs clearance. Please email us and we will work towards a solution if you feel your package has been lost in transit.

Q: Can you declare the item as "gift"?
A: Yes we declare all packages as "gift". Let us know how we can help.

Q: How long do you take to ship my order?
A: We make 3 trips to the post office each week so you can expect about 3-4 working days after your payment is cleared. However, more time may be needed during festive seasons like Chusok (thanksgiving), lunar new year or during bad weather or if we need time to order the products.

Q: Do you charge a flat commission rate for custom orders?
A: There is no flat commission rate for custom orders. They are marked up with minimal profit based on paypal fees and handling charges.

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